Several saints of this name are known to the Catholic Church. The saint in question is presumably Saint Alban of Mainz, who was beheaded as a martyr in 400 A.D. His cult was fostered in Mainz at the time when Burkhard von Fenis was chamberlain there. Soon after, Burkhard became Bishop of Basel and founded the St. Alban monastery in 1083.
Not only the church and the Teich are named after St. Alban, but the whole district. In the Basel dialect, the name is contracted to Dalbe: Dalbedyych, Dalbevorstadt etc. And nobody talks about the St. Alban Valley, it is referred to as the Dalbeloch.
A modern mural on a house behind St. Alban’s Church depicts the saint as a headless bishop. The Roman nu-meral MLCC displayed above does not make any sense. It should presumably read MDCL (1650), which would correspond to the first recorded mention of the house.