Burkhard was one of the first eminent bishops of Basel. He was of the aristocratic family of the Counts of Fenis-Neuenburg. After completing his education in Mainz, he was consecrated Bishop in 1072. He was the first to have the red crozier as an emblem in his coat of arms. This later developed into the coat of arms of the city of Basel, the Baselstab [Basel staff]. Being a close confidant of Henry IV, he accompanied him on the legendary Walk to Canossa. He was also involved in the warlike conflicts in connection with the Investiture Controversy. That is why he had the first city wall of Basel built around 1080. Outside these walls, in the St. Alban Valley, he founded Basel’s first monastery in 1083. The monks of this very monastery arranged for the construction of the St. Albanteich 70 years later.
The following contribution (German) from Barfi-TV provides an overview of the work of Burkhard von Fenis.