Brüglingen (Km 1.2)

Place names ending in –ingen are mostly Alemannic and suggest early settlement (6th century). Brüglingen means “at the people of Brugilo”. Nothing is known about the settlement. It was probably soon abandoned due to frequent flooding.
First mention of the mill in Brüglingen is found in records dating back to 1259. The mill initially got its water from a branch of the Birs, which however dried up after a hundred years. After that, the millers of Brüglingen resorted to using water from springs and wells, which was fed into the St. Albanteich near St. Jakob – much to the delight of the fiefs (i.e. the mill owners in the St. Alban Valley), as the warm spring water prevented the canal from freezing over in winter.
Flour was produced in the Brüglingen mill until 1925. Sometimes the mill wheel still rattles today: the mill houses a small but fine mill museum, which is freely accessible at all times.